Professional Wax Iron - Digital

    Professional Wax Iron - Digital

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    Professional Wax Iron - Digital
    Product Description:

      SIDECUT Professional Digital Wax Iron:

      1. Features a digital readout which continually displays its current operating temperature ranging from the 'Lo' setting to a temperature range of 70-190 degrees Celcius or 158-374 degrees Fahrenheit.
      2. The solid and compact ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a variety of positions. Also features a highly polished aluminium 'dimpled' base-plate that distributes wax more evenly. The smooth rounded edges eliminate the chance of damaging your bases.
      3. The blue LED illuminates when heating and turns off when desired temperature is reached. Illuminated red numbers on the handle indicate the iron temprature.
      4. Built-in microprocessor to precisely control temperature fluctuations.
      5. Extra thick 15mm base plate ensures great heat retention.
      6. Power = 800Watts. 100-127Voltage range. Dimensions: L15.5cm x W 8cm x H 9.5 cm.
      7. A long 2.5meter power cord that conveniently wraps around the handle for easy travel and storage.

        Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards.

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