Professional 'World' Dual Voltage Wax Iron

    Professional 'World' Dual Voltage Wax Iron

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    Professional 'World' Dual Voltage Wax Iron
    Product Description:

      SIDECUT Professional 'World' Dual Voltage Wax Iron:

      1. Finally a wax iron you can use worldwide by simply switching the voltage from 100-127V to 220-240V.
      2. Features a 70-190 degree Celsius (158-374F) temperature range. The blue LED illuminates when heating and turns off when the desired temperature is reached.
      3. Built-in microprocessor precisely controls temperature fluctuations.
      4. The solid and compact ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a variety of positions. Also features a highly polished aluminium 'dimpled' base-plate that distributes wax more evenly. The smooth rounded edges eliminate damaging your bases.
      5. Extra thick 15mm base plate ensures great heat retention.
      6. Power = 800Watts. Dimensions: L15.5cm x W 8cm x H 9.5 cm.
      7. A long 2.5meter power cord that conveniently wraps around the handle for easy travel and storage.

        Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards.

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