Gummi Stone - Green (fine/med-hard)

    Gummi Stone - Green (fine/med-hard)

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    Gummi Stone - Green (fine/med-hard)
    Product Description:

    The SIDECUT Green Gummy stone is used after side-edge filing and/or polishing with Diamond Stones to remove the microscopic burr created from filing. Use along the 'point' of the edge. Choosing between the Green and Blue Gummy Stone is personal preference. The Green Gummi is slightly softer and typically better for light removal of the micro burr.

    Also great to carry in your pocket when your edges feel too grippy. Simply make 1-2 light passes down the edge and you'll notice the difference. A quick fix that can turn a frustrating day in the mountains into a joyful one. Saves you until you can get back to the tuning bench.

    Used By: All skier and Snowboarder types.


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