Sidewall Replacement Carbide Cutter - Round (Sharp)

    Sidewall Replacement Carbide Cutter - Round (Sharp)

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    Sidewall Replacement Carbide Cutter - Round (Sharp)
    Product Description:
      SIDECUT Sidewall Replacement cutter - Round Carbide (SHARP)
      Round cutters are typically preferred for 'sandwich' type construction skis and boards. Round cutters are easier to adjust than square cutters and therefore recommended for those new to sidewall removal. The cutting characteristics of our cutters are the best we've tested and will last for years. Cutters can be purchased separately and are interchangable on all of sidewall remover tools.

      Sidewalls vary in materials and therefore favour different styles of cutters. If you have very 'hard' sidewalls that are prone to more 'chatter marks' than this cutter will dramatically help achieve the smoothest removal of your sidewalls.

      Used by: Alpine Racers, Free-riders and Snowboarders.

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