World Cup True Bar - 130mm

    World Cup True Bar - 130mm

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    World Cup True Bar - 130mm
    Product Description:
    • A precision machined steel True Bar or Parallel Bar is crucial for checking the flatness of your base.
    • Enables you to evaluate your ski in order to determine what steps need to be taken during the preparation and set up phase.
    • Tells you whether your base is convex or concave - both undesirable conditions.
    • Ever wonder if the machine that did you skis or snowboards actually made your base flat? Using your True Bar quickly confirms this.
    • Determines whether your base is flat or not and also indicates the amount of base-edge bevel you have.
    • It's one of those overlooked tools but is SO crucial to establish if your edges are too high or if you have excessive base wear, both impacting your confidence and enjoyment on the snow.
    • This is a precision instrument and accurate to half the width of a human hair or in other words 1/1000th of an inch.
    • 130mm or 5.12" in length.

    • Used by: Ski Racers, Free-riders and XC Country Skiers.

      WATCH the VIDEO

      WATCH the VIDEO - How important is it to check the flatness/trueness of your base?

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