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Nanox SUPERNANO II - Race Finishing Wax
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    Nanox SUPERNANO II - Race Finishing Wax


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    Ever get confused with which Overlay to put on your skis or board on race day? No need to with Nanox Supernano II Race wax.


      1. Nanox Supernano II is a Race Finishing wax designed for more humid and/or dirty snow conditions at temperatures around 0ºC.
      2. Supernano II has the absolute highest acceleration level.
      3. Extremely dirt and moisture resistant.
      4. It's Non-toxic = does NOT contain Flourocarbons.
      5. Designed to be used all on its own or as an overlay on top of CFX II race wax when desired.
      6. 15 grams will last up to 100 pairs of skis.


      1. Rub a thicker layer onto the base then melt the wax onto your base with only 1 pass of the iron.
      2. Set the temperature setting at approximately 100ºC/212ºF.
      3. Brush/polish out the wax almost immediately with a SIDECUT nylon brush.
      4. Let stand until completely cooled and re-brush using back and forth or 'scrubbing technique'.


      1. Rub on a thin layer of Supernano II on top of CFX II race wax.
      2. Immediately brush/polish with firm pressure in both directions ('scrubbing technique') with a SIDECUT nylon brush until an extremely high sheen is achieved.


      1. With ALL NANOX products, leaving the waxes on longer does NOT make the skis faster. We recognize these simple waxing protocols may not be what you're used to, however once you realize that you are faster with NANOX you'll appreciate the system.
      2. To guarantee optimal performance with NANOX, it is required that the structure of the base conforms to the snow conditions and that the skis have been ground absolutely flat and fiber-free. 
      3. Use Nanox Training wax repeatedly to condition bases. 
      4. Nanox only protects the base by lasting longer but also creates changes to the base at the molecular level - known as “higher ground speed”. Use it exclusively and see the difference.
      5. If you're ski touring, Supernano II can be used with skins. 

    Used by: Alpine, Snowboarder and Nordic competitors.

    Trust NANOX. It's Simply Faster.

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