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Pole Position - Ski Improvement Aid
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    Pole Position - Ski Improvement Aid

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      Shipping Weight: 110.00 grams

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    A quick set-up flexible training strap that connects to your ski poles to improve your skiing technique. Used by any level, the Pole Position flex-strap helps calibrate and adapt your upper body for correct position training. Keeping the strap fully stretched while skiing, your body will change into your new refined position. Stores easily in your pocket so you can use it whenever you need it. 

    Used For: 

      1. on-the-fly practice drills
      2. position training
      3. arm/hand problems
      4. correct rotation
      5. calibrate upper body
      6. visual attention
      7. creative drills (i.e. use without poles)

    Comes in two sizes: 

    Shorter than 170cm = 750mm strap 

    Taller than 170cm = 950mm strap

    Used by: Race, All-Mountain and Free-Ride improvement. 

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