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Our Story

Sidecut was born from humble beginnings in a high-end precision machine shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Founder Chris Hillier, the son of an engineer went to his father with an idea to design some tools to tune skis. Hillier spent the summer nights of 1992 turning out parts on his families CNC machinery. Sidecut was conceived. 

Soon after Chris moved to Invermere, BC to commence the formative years of an illustrious 25 year coaching career, during which time he simultaneously started selling his new designs to Western Canadian ski clubs and coaches. Sidecut was born.

In 1995 Sidecut relocated to ski mecca - Whistler, BC. Year by year Sidecut expanded its product range and became a household name amongst a niche community of competitive skiers in the West. It wasn't long before the name Sidecut became synonymous with the highest quality ski tools.

For the next 20 years, Chris was passionately dedicated to the athletes and coaches he was training and educating. At the same time, he embarked on a quest to refine and grow his range of tuning products. Chris spent two decades coaching elite athletes in Europe, Scandinavia and the Southern Hemisphere. During this time, Chris learned from some of the best and cataloged his ideas. 

Fast forward to 2013 - Hillier took a break from the whirlwind, world-wide 100,000+ mile-a-year global travel lifestyle to return to his roots in Whistler and focus solely on his company. Being a coaching educator, it made sense to him to not only produce the best tuning tools in the industry but also to teach people how to use them. During this period of incubation, Sidecut ‘learn to tune’ workshops were born. Hillier began visiting local ski clubs. Through word of mouth referrals, news of his sessions spread quickly and he was soon offering workshops as far East as Newfoundland. "Old school" marketing he called it. 

Sidecut workshops have catapulted across Canada's skier community and are expanding globally. Hillier has recently put together a clever team of experts that have unveiled Sidecut as a new brand on a global scale. However, the founder's original vision to design the highest quality tuning tools and provide the knowledge that snow-sport enthusiasts need to reach their maximum potential, remains intact. 

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