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Gold service, fast and efficient! Thank you.


Excellente clinique d’aiguisage de skis et produits offerts de grande qualité. Merci.


Chris came to Chicopee and we had at least 30 people in attendance. My racing parents wanted more information to save money, and let their kids ski better with well tuned!!!!! Also, a few of my adult master racers attended and enjoyed the seminar…well done, thanks!!!


Chris is fantastic and so knowledgeable. Our small club really appreciates the time he takes to teach and educate the young racers on good tuning practices.

Joelle Johnson

Customer Service, Offerings, Quality, Timeliness Great presentation, you made ski tuning look elegant!! Couldn't wait to try them for myself and, man, they work well. Great products!


We just had our first test of the nanox training wax at jasper at a training session it’s very impressive. My Daughter skied all day from 9-4 with breaks all over hills u12 skier. Skis were previously waxed a week ago with Swix at a shop and after the use not even half of today’s time on them, the wax was dulled and coming off. Then came Nanox to show off it looks like it was just put on, after a full days worth of runs. I know as I pay close attention and that wouldn’t have been the case with the old waxes we used. So far seems like great superior product and all temp makes it even better, now to try the race wax for her later on.


We had a tuning clinic for Sidecut and I picked up one of the tuning kits. It is the easiest and best made equipment I’ve used! The excellent videos on-line cut through all of the garbage and get to the point! Don’t get me started on the Nanox wax, everything is just easier and more efficient! I would recommend everyone to buy Sidecut tuning tools!!!


Christian, I hope you are well. I have viewed your videos and I have to congratulate you and thank-you for providing such valuable advice for our skiers on how to properly set up and maintain their equipment.


I am super happy (as are my skiers) with the Sidecut gear I picked out last season. Nanox = speed and the base edge gauge has helped solve many learning curve skiing issues and correct several sloppy "big box" service mistakes. I'm putting together my wish list and I was hoping to run some questions and thoughts by you just as last year. Please let me know if that's ok. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to hearing from you. Great new videos too! Kindest regards and fast runnings,


Excellent new web presence and videos!


Hi, I received the wax, thank you. Looking forward to using it and my discount code! I am one of the Poley Dads that was inspired by Jeff McLennan at Sunday River training camp last year. I have a U10 & a U12 racer and just starting to learn how to tune skis. Sidecut is a great resource! I will be sending in an order soon.

Rick Cook

Hi, I watch all your tuning videos, I think they are some of the best out there, thanks for making them. Picked up a pair of Redster's and am eager to tune then to the same method! Thanks again.

Alex Shore

Christian did an excellent workshop on tuning, it gave me the confidence to do it myself.

Colin (Whistler, BC)

Hi, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that the Nanox CFX Race wax really works. Both my kids attended Quebec's U14 Provincial Championship last week and I used the wax for the SuperG race. My daughter, weighing 75 lbs and wearing bib 53 ended up grabbing silver and my son finished 3rd after leaving the start 65th. Thanks again.

Hugues Forget

Just took my daughter Kendra's two sets of Rossi skis in to Skiis & Biikes for a binding setup (new Lange 90 flex boots) and a race tune‎. Sean looked at both pairs of skis and complimented me on how good a shape her skis were in. No need for a tune-up!! Thanks to Sidecut tuning tools and your amazing clinics!! Look forward to seeing you at Skiis and Biikes for another clinic and some more Nanox!! Sidecut Rocks!!

Brimacombe Racing

Dear Christian (from Sidecut), I hope you are well and your travels have been going successfully. I'm sure you don't remember me (as you have been traveling around doing demos for months). I'm one of the parents from the Snow Valley race team that Tom Knox organized a demo for. First and foremost I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much I am enjoying using the tuning kit that I purchased from Sidecut. I have been tuning skis on and off for approx. 20 yrs, and these new tools have made things easier and far more consistent than previous tools that I have used. Beyond this, I was very impressed with the order that I placed last night. I got home from work and placed an order for some of the Nanox wax around 7:15 EST. To my shock and amazement, by 9:00 EST I had an email from Sidecut providing me with the FedEx shipment information. As an individual that runs a business in the service industry, this far exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to share my thoughts and my thanks to you and the team. Continue to provide this level of service and I will be a customer for life!


Sidecut, I want to pass along some positive feedback. I think you make exceptional ski tuning tools. I’ve loaded up on nearly all necessary tools and, as an amateur ski tuner, I find them very user friendly and much more accurate that other products I’ve used in the past. The on-line tuning videos are also very helpful as a reference guide. Keep it up!


Hi Chris - I have been meaning to email to say that I have tried the tuning equipment on four of our skis and it is excellent. The videos were really good and everything went well. Thanks for all your help with my order and best wishes for 2017.

John Marshall

Chris, a quick thank you note for your calling back. You make wonderful products. If you ever need help from investors to help you grow your business, let me know, the potential very interesting.

Philippe Brunet (Montreal)

I love using the Supernano II. Very easy to apply and was getting consistent results on varying snow conditions. Using the combination of the hot wax Nanox CFX II and the Supernano as the overlay was unstoppable!! Very impressed.

Alex Hemlin (USA)

Sidecut designs the best tuning equipment available and Christian is “The Gift” in the world of performance ski tuning.

Mike Falcon

Awesome quality, Canadian products. Thank-you.

Philip C

"Revolutionary" "Next Level" and "Game Changer" are the words we've heard tossed around when describing Wednesday night's @sidecut_tuning session with Christian Hillier. Thanks so much for taking some time to talk to us about your techniques and product - hopefully we didn't wipe you out completely before this weekend's ski & snow show! We have heard from a few people who weren't able to make it but wish they had - never fear! Sidecut will be at the Edmonton Ski and Snowboard show this weekend (so will we!!), so go introduce yourself and I'm sure he would be happy to share some of his incredible knowledge with you!

Melissa Chalmers (Rabbit Hill, Edmonton)

Les bons conseils des représentants de sidecut au skiposium de l’amsc Quebec. De voir les produits sur la table se et d’avoir la chance de discuter m’a permis de bien choisir mon matériel. J’ai fait de bons chats aujourd’hui. Merci Sidecut.

CSIA Symposium

Chris was amazing. He brought my ski tuning to a much higher level. Fantastic demonstration.

Milton Ski Club Member

Thanks again. Just put the order in. Also wanted to say that the instructional video's you have on the website are fantastic! I've been tuning my kids skis for 6yrs now and have watched a lot of training videos. Yours are by far the best. Concise, orderly, informative. Will definitely recommend to other parents in the club. Cheers,

Rick Gerein

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