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Topsheet Remover
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    Topsheet Remover

    • SKU: TSR_WC_TC

    • (CAD) $149.99

      Shipping Weight: 290.00 grams

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    This is a specific tool designed to remove the topsheet of all skis & boards as well as profile and polish your sidewalls.  

    Many skis and boards are very square at the tips and tails which doesn't allow you to achieve your desired side-edge bevel.  This tool profiles your topsheets to precisely 110 degrees or greater if desired by the unique 'rolling' design of the tool. This allows your File Guide the needed clearance to apply the correct bevel. Used prior to side-edge sharpening whenever interference occurs and setting up all new skis & boards.  Note: topsheets that aren't profiled correctly they will interfere with the file or stones ability to contact the steel making it impossible sharpen your edges on the correct angle.    

    This tool also comes with our signature trigger clamp system and our signature trigger clamping system for attaching any of our 100mm side-edge files or diamond stones for even more filing options of your top-sheets and sidewalls!  This tool is made entirely of stainless steel and glides smoothly on the base without marking. If precision tuning matters to you then this tool is a must.

    Key Features: 
    • All stainless steel construction 110 degree Topsheet Removal guide with unique 'rolling action'. 
    • 100mm 'specialty' european radial file with a milled out channel that allows full adjustability. 4mm allen key provided. 
    • Trigger clamping system which allows you to switch out the 'radial file' for one of our 100mm files or diamond stones.
    •  Enables you to profile & polish not only the topsheet but also the sidewalls. 

    Used by: Alpine Racers, Free-riders and Snowboarders. 

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