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Ever get overwhelmed with the complexity and expense of waxing systems?

No need to with Nanox wax. Here are 6 great reasons skiers & snowboarders use it:
  1. With Nanox you only need ONE wax for all snow conditions & temperatures.
  2. With Nanox you cannot choose the wrong wax no matter the day or race.
  3. Nanox has the easiest and fastest application of any waxing system.
  4. Nanox has the highest & unequalled gliding properties of any wax and is up to 5% faster.
  5. It stays in your base longer than other waxes.
  6. It's non-toxic. Nanox waxes do not contain any Fluorocarbons.
NANO technology - 'the technology of the future'
The advantages of NANO technology in ski waxing are: The coating of wax has an extremely long bonding time when compared to other waxes. It enables the best gliding performance under all conditions because of the NANO particles ability to adapt to the extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

It is through much collaboration with expert analytical chemists from several countries, specialising in NANO technology that we've succeeded in the development of NANOX wax. Today many world cup servicemen along with well known ski manufacturers are using and testing NANOX wax and grinding machines. Their results and input continue to help us further develop our products.

NANOX. It's Simply Faster.


WATCH the how-to-use Nanox VIDEO
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