Electric Edge Sharpener - WC

    Electric Edge Sharpener - WC

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    Electric Edge Sharpener - WC
    Product Description:

      The World Cup Electric Side-Edge Grinder features:

      1. Lightweight, easy to handle, portable, fully adjustable and rugged design.
      2. Easy to remove safety gate that protects from dust and debris.
      3. 2 thumb screws quickly allow you to choose desired side edge bevel. Range: 2-5 degrees.
      4. Precision rollers that smoothly track your side edges and sidewalls when sharpening.
      5. Dual magnets pick up grinding debris.
      6. Simple and safe on/off switch.
      7. Easy to engage and release thumb levers on linear slides.
      8. Adjustable spring that applies the correct pressure to the edge, however can also be adjusted if desired with one simple lock nut.
      9. 110V-220V power supply with a spare 15 amp fuse.
      10. Heavy duty cordura carry bag.
      11. Comes standard with 600 grit grinding disc/stone.

      12. Spare 400g, 600g and/or 1200grit grinding disc/stones sold separately:
        400 grit - Typically used for rougher cutting. Creates a non-visible micro burr that many prefer in Slalom on the hardest surfaces or injected snow.
        600 grit - Most commonly and safest to use for everyday sharpening.
        1200 grit - Used typically for finishing and speed events.

        Tip: to finish the edge use a Diamond Guide with a 1000 grit disc and Sidecut polishing oil for the smoothest fastest edges.

        Used by: Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders.

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