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File Guide - w/o SS plate, w/Sidewall Kit
    Purchase File Guide - w/o SS plate, w/Sidewall Kit

    File Guide - w/o SS plate, w/Sidewall Kit


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    Want one tool that beautifully sharpens your edges & easily removes your sidewalls? Try our File Guide with Sidewall Adapter Kit.

      • Cleverly designed to be two tools in one for those of you who don't want the expense of buying two separate tools to remove sidewall and sharpen their edges. Saves space in your tuning kit too.
      • The SIDEWALL ADJUSTABLE ADAPTER KIT is necessary because it's used for removing the sidewall creating the necessary clearance which allows you to sharpen the edges at your desired angle. Therefore, it must be used prior to proper side-edge sharpening whenever interference occurs. Sidewalls that aren't removed will interfere with the file or stones ability to contact the steel edge making in impossible to sharpen correctly. 
      • The adapter kit comes with anodized aluminum holder, micro-adjustable stainless steel pin to dial-in the perfect cut, a carbide cutter of your choice and best of all it's easily attachable/detachable with two screws. (allen keys included).
      • All of our File Guides are made of the highest quality aluminium and machined to the strictest tolerances because accuracy is essential.
      • Guides are colour anodised and laser embossed specifying the degree of angle and won't wear from use.
      • Our guides come in 91º, 92º, 93º, 94º and 95º degree increments which give you a side-edge bevel of 89º, 88º, 87º, 86º and 85º respectively or in other words a 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º and 5º side-edge angle.
      • Our suggested 'default' and the most popular side-edge bevel for all skiers and snowboarders is 92º or 2º.
      • You will certainly see and feel the superior quality once you use one.
      • 2 tools in one - a great way to save money. 
      • Note: This model does not include our Trigger Clamp for securing the file or stone (this must be ordered separately). 
      • The Round Standard cutter (gold) is typically used for 'sandwich' construction skis. They are more universal than square cutters and work well on all sidewalls and particularly for those new to removing their sidewalls.
      • The Round Sharp cutter (grey) have a sharper edge and therefore work amazingly well on certain brands, typically harder sidewalls found on competitive skis & boards.
      • The Square cutter is typically used for 'cap' construction skis however it also works well on all types of skis and boards especially if you're naturally skilled with your hands.
      • The Multi cutter has two round corners and two square corners for those who want to be able to do all types of sidewall with the same tool. 
    • Spare cutters as well as stainless steel shafts can be purchased separately for those who have different types of ski and boards and require different cutters.
    • Adding a Trigger Clamping System to this tool is the most accurate and safest way to clamp your stone and files to your File Guide and can be mounted left or right-handed.

    Used By: Ski Racers, Recreational Carvers, All-Mountain, Powder skiers & Snowboarders.

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