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PROFESSIONAL Digital Wax Iron - 25mm solid soleplate
    Purchase PROFESSIONAL Digital Wax Iron - 25mm solid soleplate

    PROFESSIONAL Digital Wax Iron - 25mm solid soleplate

    • SKU: IRON_DIGI_PRO_25mm

    • (CAD) $498.98
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    New PROFESSIONAL series World Cup digital waxer. For the most discerning wax enthusiasts. This iron offers the absolute maximum you could desire.


    • Precision temperature control with bright blue LED readout with first ever TouchDisplay +/- buttons for ease of use
    • Incredible heat retention/stability is controlled by the fastest electronic processor 
    • 26mm thick die-cast aluminum soleplate is solid not hollow like more economical irons
    • Perfect ergonomic balance & weight distribution with cleverly designed cork handle
    • Absolute thermal control, this iron liquifies any solid & powder type waxes with ease and without burning
    • Soleplate is CNC machined flat to the strictest tolerance enabling optimum application of temperature-sensitive special & racing waxes, even in cold ambient temperatures
    • Dimensions of the soleplate: L147mm x W100mm x Thickness = 26mm
    • Temperature range from 90º-200º Celsius / 194º-392º Fahrenheit
    • A long 2.4 meter ultra flexible rubber power cord makes it easy to use without an extension cord
    • 110V 
    • 850 Watts of power
    • Made in the EU
    • Each iron comes with its own unique serial # and warranty card

    Used For: Race, Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard.

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