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Sidecut Trigger Clamping System
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    Sidecut Trigger Clamping System

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    Tired of your file or stone slipping on you file guide?

    • Works with all 91º,92º,93º,94º & 95º SIDECUT file guides.
    • Extremely durable with supreme clamping strength that doesn't allow whatever you clamp to slip!
    • This system secures your file, diamond or other stones on your Sidecut File Guide, without damaging them.
    • Ergonomically designed to place your thumb on top and your forefinger on the 'trigger' (on the underside of the guide).
    • Easily loosen the spring loaded clamp with one hand.
    • Made of steel, tough delrin plastic and nylon.
    • A much better choice than using a Spring Clamp because it's safer and eliminates any file and stone slippage.
    • Allows for the most accurate edge bevel without any 'waviness' because files and stones cannot lift from the file guide.

    Used by: Ski Racers, Free-riders and Snowboarders.

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