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The Liftie
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    The Liftie


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    The LIFTIE:

    The only season pass holder that attaches safely and securely to your ski and snowboard goggles and contours to your helmet.

    Attach The Liftie to your goggles, slide your season pass in until it clicks, and never forget or lose your pass again. No need to remove your gloves or unzip your coat to display your pass. The Liftie is hands-free and perfect for skiers and boarders of all ages.

    • The Liftie safely and securely attaches to goggle strap.
    • Pass is removable when The Liftie is installed.
    • Attach The Liftie once at the beginning of the season.
    • Never forget or lose your season pass.
    • The Liftie is hands-free – No need to remove gloves or unzip your coat.
    • Locates kids’ RFID badges at sensor height. 
    • Eliminates flailing lanyards.
    • Replaces poorly functioning armband holders.
    • The Lifite shows personality through vibrant colors.
    • The magnetic strip on pass is protected.

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