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WC Diamond Guides - with SS glide plate
    Purchase WC Diamond Guides - with SS glide plate

    WC Diamond Guides - with SS glide plate

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    Want one simple & easy to use tool that works to keep your edges ultra sharp?
    Try SIDECUT Diamond Guides. They're the smartest new innovation in side-edge sharpening technology!

    • They're so clever because you can file with your File Guide, set it on the bench and then work with your Diamond Guide to polish your edges.
    • Dedicate your Diamond Guides to polishing & your File Guides to filing which makes for a much cleaner system.
    • This is true because you will typically use SIDECUT edge oil or your preferred lubricant on your diamond stones which means there's no need to clean the File Guide each time you exchange the file for your diamond stone.
    • When you're not constantly exchanging the file for the diamond stone on one particular File Guide you'll see how much time you save!
    • Diamond Guides are small enough to carry in your pocket or pack and sharpen between runs on those really hard-packed days.
    • If you're new to tuning or want to teach younger children how to maintain their edges then this is the safest tool to learn without risking the potential damage done by a novice using a file on a File Guide.
    • Our WC Diamond Guides are precision machined aluminium and have a stainless steel anti-friction glide plate and steel thumb knob specifically designed to hold SIDECUT Diamond Discs.
    • Diamond Guides are machined to exactly the same tolerances as our File Guides and are colour anodized to match, so you won't pick up the wrong one.
    • Come in 92,93 and 94 degrees.

    • Remember to choose your Diamond Disc(s) which come in 120, 200, 400, 600 or 1000 grits to remove burrs, sharpen and polish - sold separately.

    • The benefits of Diamond Discs compared to traditional rectangular stones is simple: they last longer because you can easily spin the disc, thereby using every bit of the Diamond surface. Whereas with a rectangular stone you'll get a continual linear wear area that can't be reached on the File Guide.

    • Tip: It's best to have at least two Diamond Discs - 1 x 120 or 200grit and 1 x your choice of 400, 600 or 1000 grit. If you're using this as a stand alone edge tuner and choosing only one disc, we recommend a 400 grit disc.

      Used By: Ski Racers, Recreational Carvers, All-Mountain, Powder skiers & Snowboarders.

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