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Tuning Education

How to Tune children's skis

Learn the fundamental steps needed to tune your children’s skis & boards. All skiers & snowboarders, not just racers will benefit from correctly tuned & waxed skis. By learning to tune your children's skis early-on you will not only witness their immediate technical improvements but you’ll be investing into their long-term development on snow. This video will teach you these fundamental steps necessary to give your children better grip, exceptional glide, increased confidence so they can make their best turns each and every day. Let us teach you how easy it is to tune so you can pass this knowledge to your youngsters so they can learn to tune by themselves.


Maintaining the condition of your skis and snowboards is undoubtedly one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your performance on snow. In our 4 step video you will learn how to tune your skis and boards effectively and efficiently. With practice and experience you will also develop your own tricks with proficiency. Tuning makes skiing and boarding much more enjoyable, safer, easier to turn and gives you more confidence, especially if one of your goals is to go faster or perform better on more challenging terrain. We often think our equipment works fine, however we may not realize what it feels like to ski and ride on properly tuned gear. Remember, setting up your new skis and boards is based on your current strength and skill level. When this is done correctly you optimize your ability to improve your on mountain skills since tuning and skill development are directly related. ALWAYS BE IN TUNE. Good luck!

Best Workshops

This season improve your performance on snow by either hosting or joining a SIDECUT Learn-How-To-Tune Workshop. Our workshops are free and focus on getting you tuning and waxing so you become a better skier and snowboarder immediately. After our workshop you'll also benefit from discounts on our tools & waxes. Also an exceptional opportunity to spend time with a SIDECUT facilitator, the workshops are interactive, simple and easy to understand and last 1-1.5 hours. It's just 4 easy steps! So come join us and see how much more fun you'll have on the mountain after you learn how to tune. Click to see upcoming dates in your area or email us: email us

Tuning Guidelines

Here are some tips when choosing between 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 degree base-edge guides: 0.5 - Creates an aggressive edge and used for advanced to experts who pure carve the majority of their turns or like very responsive turn intiation and grip. 0.7 - This is the most commonly used base bevel especially by younger aggressive type skiers and by advanced to expert all-mountain carving type skiers. 1.0 - Recreational, free-ride and park style skiers and boarders commonly prefer 1.0 for all around use because it allows for easier turn initiation. So if you don't like that catchy feeling on-snow this is for you. SG/DH race skis also use a 1.0 degree base bevel. All 3 are used from the beginner to expert and therefore your decision is based on your own personal preference, skill level, strength, ski or board type & snow conditions. Start with 0.5-0.7, test it, if it's too aggressive move up to 1.0 degree. It's easy to add more base-edge angle but doing the reverse requires grinding your skis or boards flat again.

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