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One Revolutionary Tool
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    One Revolutionary Tool

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    Want the simplest & easiest to use tool to keep your edges ultra-sharp and burr-free? Our WC Diamond Guide & Disc is the smartest innovation in side-edge sharpening technology.


    • ONE tool that accurately & simply removes burrs and sharpens your skis & boards FAST!
    • The EASIEST way to maintain clean, smooth edges.  
    • Made to carry in your POCKET or pack so you can sharpen on the mountain. 
    • The SAFEST tool to teach any ability & age how to start tuning.
    • Made of PRECISION machined aluminium to the strictest tolerance for perfect tuning.
    • Machine polished stainless steel glide plate so you won't scratch your base. 
    • Steel thumb knob QUICKLY allows you to spin the Diamond Disc to your desired spot with ease.  
    • ANODIZED in purple and laser logo etching.
    • Improve both FUN and PERFORMANCE on snow!!  

    • **Exclusive offer comes with one WC Diamond Guide & one Diamond Disc. Offer includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in North America!**

    • A 92 degree guide gives you an 88 degree side-edge bevel - the most common angle on all skis & snowboards.
    • The benefits of Diamond Discs compared to traditional rectangular stones is simple: they last longer because you can easily spin the disc, thereby using every bit of the Diamond surface. 
    • With a rectangular stone you'll get a continual linear wear area that can't be reached on sharpening Guide.
     ****Used by skiers and Snowboarders of all ability levels.**** 

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