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15 Minute Ski Tuning Maintenance System

Ski Tuning Maintenance System Checklist

Step One (Base Edge Tuning):

  • Unstrap and dry cold/wet skis
  • Put Elastics on brakes
  • Clean base with Brass Brush
  • Verify base bevel & if concave or convex with True Bar
  • Base edge polishing (when needed)

Step Two (Side Edge Tuning):

  • Side edge filing with File Guide (when needed)
  • Side edge maintenance with Diamond Guide (120‐1000 grit discs)
  • Remove micro burr with Gummi Stone (when needed)

Step Three (Waxing):

  • Clean base structure with Brass Brush
  • Wax the skis
  • Scrape while warm when using Nanox Wax
  • Brush & polish with Nylon Brush when using Nanox Wax
  • Use 3 Ski Straps
Coaching Tip: Skis & boards that are “railed” or “edge-high” are dangerous and negetively impact skill development. They may also lead to incorrect interpretations of how your skiing or riding is progressing. The more control and input you have over your own equipment on a day to day basis will improve your feel on the snow and help you develop a closer relationship between your performance and the condition of your equipment. Skiing & riding is more FUN when your setup is correct.
Download The Ski Maintenance System Guide
SIDECUT 15 minute Tuning Maintenance System SIDECUT 15 minute Tuning Maintenance System

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