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Ski Tuning Degree Guidelines

Ski Tuning Degree Guideline

Here are some tips when choosing between 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 & 1.5 degree guides:

  • 0.5 - Creates an aggressive edge. For advanced to expert racers who pure carve the majority of their turns and like very responsive turn intiation and grip.
  • 0.7 - Generally this is the most commonly used base bevel especially when a 0.5 degree bevel is a too aggressive or too catchy. Typically used by younger competitive skiers and by advanced to expert all-mountain carving type skiers.
  • 1.0/1.5 - Typically used by those who want easier steering and turn initiation and don't like that catchy feeling. Also used frequently by ski teachers working with lower-end clients where steering skills are essential. Also, used for SG/DH skis, for younger U10 ski racers, free-ride and terrain park style skiers. Recreational and free-ride style skiers commonly prefer 1.0 for all around use because it allows the skis to steer easier.

As you can see all 4 are utilized from the beginner to expert and therefore your decision is based on your own personal preference, skill level, strength, ski/board type & snow conditions. Always start with 0.5, test it, if it's too aggressive move up to 0.7 or a 1.0 degree guide. Remember you can easily add more base-edge angle but you can't go from a 1.0 degree bevel back to a 0.5 degree bevel without grinding your skis/board flat again.

Download The Ski Tuning Degree Guidelines Chart
SIDECUT Ski Tuning Degree Guidelines SIDECUT Ski Tuning Degree Guidelines

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