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Manual Base & Side Edge Bevel Meter
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    Manual Base & Side Edge Bevel Meter


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    Ever struggle to figure out why your skis or board doesn't feel right - even after a grind? Here's a solution. An all-in-one Base-Edge and Side-Edge Bevel Gauge. 


    • Precision engineered base-edge & side-edge bevel gauge accurate to 0.01º degrees.
    • It's used to measure the amount of both base-edge bevel & side-edge bevel on your skis or snowboards.
    • Have you ever been skeptical as to what base-edge degree the shop actually put on your base-edge or side-edge? Then this tool is easy way for you to check base and side bevel, whether you're doing it yourself or validating the work done by a machine. You'll be amazed how often it's not what you thought.
    • Once you use this tool you'll appreciate the important insight into understanding how only a very small change in base-edge bevel dramatically affects how your skis feel on the snow.
    • Easy to read laser-etched degrees enable you to validate your base-edge bevel from 0.3º to 2.0º and side-edge bevel from 0.0º to 5.0º/90º to 85º.

    • The set-up & accuracy of your base-edge bevel is related to both your strength, skill level and discipline (I.e. free-ride, SL, DH etc.). 
    • It's crucial to get this 'just right' for the individual needs of the skier/rider, otherwise it can drastically impair skill development and ski/board performance.
    Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Free-ride, Powder skis and Snowboards. 
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