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SIDECUT Analog Wax Iron
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    SIDECUT Analog Wax Iron


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    Finally an economical wax iron that accurately controls temperature.

    • Features a red LED control light that toggles on/off indicating accurate temperature is maintained
    • Melts even the hardest waxes with ease
    • A smooth control dial to easily adjust temperature by 1.0º increments and has a range from 80º-170ºCelsius or 176º-338ºFahrenheit
    • Contains a memory function that displays the last temperature you set each time it's turned on
    • Built-in microprocessor to precisely control temperature fluctuations
    • The solid and compact ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a several positions
    • Features a polished aluminium base-plate that distributes wax more evenly and improves flow 
    • Smooth rounded edges eliminate the chance of damaging your bases
    • Extra thick base plate ensures superb heat retention. Dimensions of the soleplate: L145mm x W105mm x Thickness = 18mm
    • Power = 1000Watts. 100-127Voltage range
    • A long 2.0 meter power cord makes it easy to use without an extension cord

    Used For: Race, Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard.

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