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Basic Sharpening Kit - Ski & Snowboard
    Purchase Basic Sharpening Kit - Ski & Snowboard

    Basic Sharpening Kit - Ski & Snowboard


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    The SIDECUT Basic Sharpening Kit was designed for those of you who just want to have the essentially tools to be able to sharpen both their base and side-edges and remove sidewalls.

    This is a great kit for recreational skiers and snowboarders, instructors or races who ski often and want to be able to sharpen their own edges when needed to optimize performance.

    Enables you to set the bevel on both the base and side-edges of your skis or boards. Sharpening your own edges saves you valuable time and money when compared to a shop tune. Deciding your own base and side-edges angles increases speeds up your skill development and increases your on-snow enjoyment. This kit includes:
    • WC File Guide with Trigger Clamp - choose between 91,92,93,94 or 95 degrees. Used for sharpening your side-edges.
    • WC File - choose between Cut 10, 14, 15, or 16. For use on side-edges with your File Guide. Short files work better for side-edge sharpening because they give an accurate bevel.
    • Base- Edge Guide - choose between 0.5, 0.7 or 1.0 degree increments. Used to polish the base-edge of your ski or board.
    • Base-Edge File - 150mm in length. Cut 15 = Finer cut.
    • Sidewall Adapter Kit - choose between round standard, sharp round or square carbide cutter. Used for removing sidewall so you can properly tune your side-edges. Easily mounts on the 2 holes on your SIDECUT File Guide converting it into a Sidewall Remover. Comes with allen keys.

    Used by: Ski racers, All-mountain skiers, Free-riders and Snowboarders.

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