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Roto Brush Kit - 150mm 6 piece System
    Purchase Roto Brush Kit - 150mm 6 piece System

    Roto Brush Kit - 150mm 6 piece System

    • SKU: BR_ROTO_KIT_150_6PC

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    A Roto Brush system is an extremely efficient and professional way for base preparation, base cleaning, wax removal, polishing and finishing of the base resulting in superior gliding characteristics of your skis or board. 
    A major benefit our tool has is that the axle is easily removable and interchangeable with longer axles.  The axle easily snaps in and out making brush changes on the drill very quick. Roto brushes in this kit are all 150mm in length.


    1. Professional Roto handle with dual sealed bearings.
    2. Hexagonal stainless steel drive shaft.
    3. Clear see-through protection/safety cover so you can see what you're doing.
    4. Brass Roto Brush - 11mm length bristles. Used as your first brush before waxing for optimal base cleaning and revitalisation of your base structure. Also, commonly used as your first brush after waxing to re-open the base structure. Brass roto brushes are also essential to help extract tiny hairs in the base that are commonly left behind after a ski or board has been ground by a machine in a shop. These small micro hairs cause drag and reduce the glide of your base.
    5. Horsehair Roto Brush - 7mm length bristles. Used for base brushing. Generally used as your first brush for removing wax and also recommended to use after you've used a brass roto brush for cleaning the base. It helps in further extracting of any micro-fibres or tiny hairs left behind in the base structure. It's very important to remove these hairs to reduce friction and optimize glide.
    6. Nylon Roto Brush - 7mm length bristles. Typically the last brush used for removing wax and polishing the base. Nylon brushes are recommended exclusively by Nanox Wax for the final finishing step when using all Nanox Training, CFX, Spray and Supernano waxes.

    Best used for: Race skis, All-mountain skis and Powder skis. 

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