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Advanced Tuning Kit - Ski & Snowboard
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    Advanced Tuning Kit - Ski & Snowboard


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    Already know how to tune your own skis or snowboards but need a fresh upgrade to your toolbox? Or maybe you're starting out and want a more comprehensive kit? Either way, we're certain the Advanced Tuning Kit will enhance your tuning abilities and enable you to get the best tunes you've ever produced with minimal effort. We assume you already have your waxing gear but it you don't, see our Basic or Advanced Waxing Kits.


      1. WC File Guide with Trigger Clamp - choose between 91º,92º,93º,94º or 95º degrees (these degrees are synonymous to 89º,88º,87º,86º & 85º degrees respectively). Used for sharpening your side-edges.
      2. WC File - choose between Cut 10, 14, 15, or 16. For use on side-edges with your File Guide. Short files work better for side-edge sharpening because they give you the most accurate bevel.
      3. WC Diamond Guide - choose between 91º, 92º, 93º or 94º degrees only. Be sure your Diamond Guide angle matches your File Guide. Used for sharpening and polishing your side-edges after filing.
      4. 2 x Diamond Discs - choose between 120, 200, 400, 600, 1000 grits. Mounts on your Diamond Guide for side-edge polishing. Diamond Discs work better for side-edge sharpening and polishing since all of the diamond surface is utilized by simply turning the disc.
      5. 2 x Base Edge Guides - choose between 0.5º, 0.7º, 1.0º or 1.5º degree increments. Used to polish and/or remove burrs on the base-edges of your skis or boards.
      6. Base-Edge File - comes with a 250mm long base-edge Cut 14 File which fits perfectly in our Sidecut Base Guides. Used for setting the angle of the base-edges and for also for top sheet clean-up/removal.
      7. File Brush - used to clean and increase the longevity of your files.
      8. Diamond Stone - choose between 200, 400, 600 or 1000 grits. 110mm x 25mm or 4.4"x 1" in length and designed to fit perfectly in our Base Edge Guides.
      9. Gummi Stone - is what you'll use for the final deburring of your edges and polishing the stainless steel glide plates on your Guides should they get scratched.
      10. WC Sidewall Remover with Micro-adjuster & Stablizer - this is our best Sidewall Tool because stability & adjustability is crucial when you're learning to remove your sidewalls. Creates clean and smooth sidewalls. Choose between: round standard, round sharp, square or a multi carbide cutter. Removing sidewall is mandatory to achieve the exact bevel you desire. Simply turn the thumb knob to dial in the exact cutting tolerance. 
      11. True Bar - used to evaluate base flatness, edge bevel and the work that needs to be performed prior to tuning. Made of precision machined steel and accurate to within 1/1000th of an inch.
      12. Brake Retainers - used for getting your ski brakes out of the way while you tune, scrape, brush, and wax. 1 pair included.
      13. Protective Tuning Gloves - essential for safety, these Kevlar lined and tight fitting gloves eliminate cuts. You won't lose feel and will gain confidence. Choose size: XS-XXL.
      14. Oval Nylon Brush - recommended exclusively by Nanox for brushing out all of their waxes. Comes with an adjustable velcro strap to fit any hand size as well as a high quality bag to protect it from dirt and other impurities that can damage your base and slow you down. Choose stiffer - 9mm bristles or softer - 11mm bristles.
      15. Plexi Wax Scraper - with 4 differently machined corners: a 45º corner, a rounded corner for sidewalls, an end-notch for edges and a 90º corner for hard to reach spots. Won't scratch your base.
      16. Full Bib-style Tuning Apron - keeps you clean and also provides a great place to roll up your tools for easy storage and travel.
      17. Optional - add a ski or snowboard vice. 

    Used by: All-Mountain Skiers, Free-Riders, Ski Racers and Snowboarders.

    SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.

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