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Carrot M31 Grinding Stones
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    Carrot M31 Grinding Stones


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    CARROT synthetic grinding stones come in 6 well-defined grain sizes: 46 / 80 / 120 / 240 / 320 / 500 

    • 46 (GREY): Designed to be used for snow conditions with tiny rocks and particles present. 
    • 80 (BLACK): Designed to set the edge angle. Typically used for rougher cutting. 
    • 120 (RED): Designed for edge maintaining and training on compact snow without demanding too much physical effort. Most common and safest to use stone for everyday sharpening. For all technical and recreational skiers.
    • 240 (YELLOW): Designed to give 'not too aggressive' sharpened edges allowing for easy turn initiation and therefore suggested for FIS level speed events such as SG and DH.
    • 320 (BLUE): Designed for the speed disciplines SG and DH only. Allows edges to slide very well on snow due to its very fine grain = low friction.  Offers confidence to athletes traveling at high speeds. 
    • 500 (GREEN): Specifically developed for the discipline of Downhill. The 500 grit accentuates the athletes feelings on the edges at the highest speeds. 

    • This long lasting ceramic stone is the recommended 2nd stone to have after the 120g stone (which comes 'standard' with the Carrot side-edge grinder). It is used second, after the 120g stone when the athlete requires a more aggressive grip on very hard to injected snow conditions.

    • This stone is the highest performing stone in the CARROT range. After testing more then 300 different solutions, they've developed the perfect stone for elite level technical skiers (World Cup) on injected snow type surfaces. The Diamond Disc gives the athlete an incredible feeling of grip with increased confidence with earlier turn initiation. The Diamond disc is adhered to an anodized aluminum body. Thanks to the hardness of the diamond the life of stone is greatly increased - approximately 1000 pairs of skis.

    Used by: Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders.

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